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Newsletter 17th January 2020

Published: 17/01/20

Whole School Updates

Football Team

Our A Team were one of four teams to represent Jersey this week in the Regional Stage of the FA Danone Cup in Guernsey. The boys did incredibly well, comfortably winning all their group stage games and their semi-final. They were pipped in the final by a single goal, losing 1-0 to one of the Guernsey schools. Nonetheless, they played fantastically and did so with the correct attitude. Mr Lim and I were very proud of them all – they were a credit to d’Auvergne.

Well played Ryan, Nelson, Gab, Aimar, Zike, Ben, Harry and Adrian.

PTA Update

It’s our intention to purchase 2 large wooden gazebos for the school. These will provide shelter from both the rain and the sun – keeping the children protected all year round! They should be in place by the start of the summer term.

A reminder that Crazy Hair / Wig Day is on 31st January, £1 per family donation. Normal school uniform other than the hair; we’re looking forward to Mr du Feu’s effort…

Lost Property

We have a lot of lost property at the moment in the Art Room – please can parents/carers come and claim the items as soon as possible as we will be looking to dispose of anything not claimed at the end of the month.

Attendance and Punctuality

Moving forward, I shall be informing you of the absence rates and number of lates each week by year group (see below). You will be able to see the lessons missed (5 per day) when a day of school is lost.


2019 Parent Survey

I continue to respond to the whole school survey responses question by question (2 each week):

  1. The school lets me know how well my child is doing.

Strongly Agree         Agree             Disagree                   Strongly Disagree

            87                                139                  15                                                                     6 Not relevant

            (35%)                         (57%)              (6%)                                                               (2%)

             SATISFACTION RATE: 94%

The year starts with our offering a whole-class ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening, which about half of our parents attend.

We meet parents on a formal basis at least every term for a 1-1 consultation. Following these meetings, you receive notes of the conversation / targets.

We have introduced Maths or Writing ‘Parties’ – again, 1 per term -  for you to see how we teach specific issues. This gives you a chance to work alongside your child. We shall be increasing the frequency of these.

A full end of year report fulfils the expectation required in law for us to report to you (everything else offered is of our choosing).

Notwithstanding the above, our doors are open to you. We are significantly increasing the amount and quality of the quantitative data that we hold on your child and are very happy to share this small part of the assessment profile of your child with you directly, if you wish.

  1. There is a good range of subjects available to my child at this school.

Strongly Agree         Agree             Disagree                   Strongly Disagree

            96                               142                  6                                                                      3 Not relevant

            (39%)                         (58%)             (2%)                                                                (1%)


            SATISFACTION RATE: 98%

A very small minority of parents indicated that they were philosophically in disagreement with the content of the Jersey Curriculum. Our curriculum is enshrined in law and, as a school, we have to teach the full content as required. The subjects we teach are broad and balanced, but we focus additionally on providing extra creativity and skills development through our MakerSpace; we invest heavily in our physical literacy with the support of Jersey Sport; we pay close attention to the wellbeing / PSHE curriculum with Rachel and our other Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSAs). 

Kind regards,


Mr Cooper

















Year Group Updates


This week the children have enjoyed cooking bread hedgehog rolls, exploring floating and sinking objects in the stream at the woods and have made some superhero and ninja masks. We also had a visit from some babies!

Some of the children have also started learning the letter sounds m, a, s, d, and t. We will look again at these next week along with learning some new ones. I will be putting a video on Tapestry to show parents how to pronounce the different sounds as they may have changed slightly from when you learnt them. 

Next week we will be looking at number recognition. Please prepare your child this weekend by doing lots of counting and looking at the written numerals from 0-5 to start with and then onto 0-10. If you child can already recognise the numerals from 0-10 try making simple number cards and spend time mixing them up and putting them back into the correct order.


This week: 33 absences (16.5 days, 83 lessons), 6 Lates.

Another busy and exciting week in Reception.  In our Maths lessons this week we have been looking at partitioning numbers (ie different ways we can make a given number).  We have used cubes to explore the different ways we can split 4 up into two parts, explored the number 5 using beanbags, as well as using two colour counters and a five frame to partition in different ways.  During phonics we continue to work on our all-important sound blending and letter formation skills, paying particular attention to the way we write our names. We have enjoyed exploring a different variety of fruits whilst making our smoothies and finding out why fruit is a healthy option.

Year 1

This week: 15 absences (7.5 days, 38 lessons), 1 Late.

This week we have been learning all about hedgehogs! Sadly, our hedgehog visitor was unable to make it into us on Tuesday, but we have rescheduled her for next week. This didn't stop us from learning how to ask a question, and thinking of some questions we could ask about hedgehogs using the words; why, where, which, how, who and what? We have also had a go at collaging our very own camouflaged hedgehogs, can your child remember what this means?! 

If your child wishes to bring in £1 to purchase a knitted hedgehog to help raise funds to support Hedgehog rescue, that would be great.


Next week, we will be visiting forest school to build dens and habitats. Please ensure that any boiler suits and wellies that have not been returned since our muddy trip to St Catherine’s woods come back into school before Wednesday, thank you!

Year 2

This week: 16 absences (8 days, 40 lessons), 3 Lates.

On Monday, ​Year 2 experienced a fire in the Forest school area and used their senses to write expanded noun phrases to describe what they saw, heard, smelt and felt.  We are now beginning to write our own diaries, imagining we were eyewitnesses in the Great Fire of London. 

In Maths, we have been learning the 2, 5 and 10 times tables and this can be supported at home by logging on to The TT Rockstars website.  The children have all been given their usernames and passwords but if you have any problems accessing it, let us know. 

Please don't forget about our Tudor House building afternoon on the 30th January.  Send in any cereal boxes or shoe boxes in preparation. 

Thank you for your continued support​.

Year 3

This week: 33 absences (16.5 days, 83 lessons), 2 Lates.

'In Year 3 this week, during PSHE we have been looking at different challenges different people have set. Maybe you could have a conversation with your child linked to your New Year's resolution and the level of challenge this poses. All the children are creating both big and small personal challenges.

All three classes are really pleased with the effort that has been put into TT Rockstars. If there are any problems with logging on or getting access at home please let us know.' 

Year 4

This week: 9 absences (4.5 days, 23 lessons), 3 Lates.

This week, we have learned about some of the famous physical features and man made landmarks in the USA. Encourage the children to recall some of these at home, such as The Grand Canyon, the Old Faithful Geysers or even The Niagara Falls.

The children have been playing the roles of tourists and also that of travel agents. They have been writing emails to make enquiries, plan itineraries and organise holidays in either Florida; the sunshine state or Arkansas; the state of adventures in the wilderness. Which state do you think your child chose to go on holiday to?

Please remember that homework diaries should be signed daily by an adult at home and that they should be brought into school everyday. Please help to encourage your children to check the diaries AND reading books are in bags ready to come to school.

Next week, we are going to start investigating the Iroquois Tribe.  Over the weekend, spend a little time researching something about this Native American tribe, so the children can share what they have found out with the class.

Year 5

This week: 12 absences (6 days, 30 lessons), 5 Lates.

We have just done our second week after Christmas and it is very much business as usual!

We have started reading Goodnight Mr Tom and it gives us a great insight into how life was different for a child in the UK during World War 2.  Quite a hard hitting book, it will surely conjure up a bit of emotion, though incredibly interesting too. 

Also, we make no excuses for the noise, as we start bringing home our trumpets to practice!  Put in your ear plugs, or better still listen, to the soothing tunes of 3 Blind Mice on repeat!

We had a great workshop called "Making the Call" which explained the importance of keeping cool under pressure and what is needed to be done should the need to ever make a dreaded emergency call.  

Massive shout outs to Bo in 5W, for the huge improvements she has made in her reading.  This is shown in her Nessy and is very much going from strength to strength.  As well as Tyler for the hard grafts he has been putting into his math work.  

Talking homework this week is to discuss friends/family who may have lived or even served in a war.  What was their role?  What was their life like?  Was it much different to your child's today?

Year 6

This week: 34 absences (17 days, 85 lessons), 2 Lates.

This week the children have enjoyed working with Rosie, as part of our PSHE lesson, focusing on their dreams and goals for both this forthcoming year and for the future. The children enjoyed participating in some breathing/mindfulness activities and then shared their dreams and goals with the class and Rosie.

A big well done to our achievers this week; Poppy, in 6B, for continually trying hard and for not giving up when it is difficult and to Lewis, in 6W, for his hard work and improved confidence in his reading.

Discussion homework: Can you discuss why Charles Darwin is famous and how his work is still of interest and value today?