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Published: 15/12/17

Thank you to everyone who joined us to celebrate the beginning of the festive season.

The children truly enjoyed performing their songs and carols and we were really delighted to see so many family and friends come along to support us.


The road leading from Centre Point to the top of Queens Road is a private road and we politely request that any drivers linked to d’Auvergne School please cease from using it.

The road will be monitored by the police on an ad-hoc basis and any motorists found using it could face a penalty.


Please Note

All school organized clubs will restart the 2nd week of term

W/c 8th January 2018


Can we please remind everyone that dogs are not permitted on school premises.

Whilst we appreciate not all dogs will cause problems we are a school and some children may find dogs frightening or feel intimated by them and that is not an environment we would like to encourage on school grounds.

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.



Our Choir have been in high demand this Christmas!

We have been out singing Christmas songs at Grande Marche and Highlands Care Home.

We would like to say a massive well done to the children and a thank you to all the parents for supporting us this year.


Excelenict noticia

E com prazer informar-vos que apartir de hoje toda a informacaó escolar serà obtida ew Português no website da escola.

Para obter esta informaçoú carregue no link que esta a pedir.



Thank you to everyone who supported our cakes and hot chocolate sale.

Whether you baked or ate, we appreciate your involvement – we raised £160!


Our very heavy British Heart Foundation bucket containing all your donations has been delivered to the charity and we look forward to sharing the amount raised with you early next year


Arts & Crafts LOVE Christmas!

Any spare used decent wrapping paper, ribbons & bows we would love to reuse for crafts.

Also any unwanted newspapers would be appreciated.


Save the dates



3rd January – First day of term

2nd February – Movie Night

15th March – Swimarathon

19th March – Bentley Class Photos