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Published: 18/05/18

Triple P - A Positive Parenting Program

d’Auvergne is commencing a new family support strategy which is designed to assist parents improve their parenting skills and build positive relationships with their children – this unique program is called Triple P and we would like to invite all parents to an introduction session.

During the session you will learn how Triple P could help you and meet the staff providing the support.

All parents with nursery or primary aged children are welcome to come along to the introduction, being held in the school main hall, on Thursday 24th May at 2pm.

For additional information on the Triple P Program please visit the website;


Year 1 Math’s Session for parents

We are running an informal and relaxed session for year 1 parents to come and see the way children are learning to calculate using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Your children will join you later in the session and will show you how they tackle questions they encounter during lessons.

Please advise if you would like to join the session by e-mail to or by telephoning the school office on 625858.

We look forward to seeing you there.


School Term information

For all the School Term dates and inset day information please click on the link below;


Absences from School

It is essential we are made aware of all absences from school, as soon as possible.

Medical appointments

If your child has a medical appointment please advise the school office either by e-mail, attaching a copy of the appointment letter, or via the school office where the letter will be photocopied for your child’s file.


There are several ways you can notify the school of sickness either;

Telephone – Leave a voicemail message or speak to the secretaries

E-mail – Send an email to

Parent Mail – Send us a message via the app

Whichever option you choose could we please ask you advise us of the nature of their illness – as some cases the illness may be contagious and we need to consider the effects to other children and possibly pregnant mums who enter the school.


Holiday Requests

Holidays/time off during term time is not encouraged, but we are aware in some circumstances it cannot be avoided.

All requests for time off during term time need to be submitted in writing to the School office, or via e-mail to

The Head teacher reviews every request and considers all aspects of the application, on an individual basis. You will then receive a letter advising the decision of your request.

Any letters relating to planned term time absences must be submitted one-month before the first date of absence.

Any queries/questions please contact the school office.


Sports News


Our cricket season is underway and our team this week played FCJ and won 221-213

Girls Football

Our Year 6 girls had excellent results during their games at the festival held at Springfield.



Our car park gets extremely busy at pick-up time and we would like to remind parents to be considerate to others during this period.

Please utilize all the spaces provided and park within the lines to ensure maximum use.

We respectfully ask you only use the disabled spaces if you hold a blue disabled badge.


Save the dates

28th May to 1st June – Half Term

Parents Learning Evening – 21st June

Key Stage 1 & 2 House Cross Country Competition – 25th June

Sports Day – 13th July