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Newsletter - September

Published: 22/09/17

What a wonderful start to the School Year! The children have settled back into the routines and are enjoying their new learning.

Bentley Photographers

Bentley will be in school on Tuesday 26th September 2017 to take the individual and family photographs of all the children.

The children MUST wear full school uniform even if they have PE (bring in PE kit if needed).

If you would like photos of your children with any pre-school siblings, please go to the Main Hall for 8.15am. Once the photo has been taken children must then go straight to their classroom for registration.

Parent Survey

We really value your thoughts, feedback and ideas to help us structure the schooling experience for your child. Please take a minute to complete our online questionnaire to give us your opinions on how we are doing. If you have more than one child with us, please complete one questionnaire per child as your responses may differ.

Thank you to those who have already completed the questionnaire.


School drop-off and pick-up are busy times, so trying to reduce the number of cars coming onto the site will benefit us all.

 We could ease congestion by:

Using the lolly-pop man at the school entrance – if you are travelling up La Pouquelaye Hill, your child can jump out the car onto the pavement, and can safely cross the road with him.

There are also large carparks in the vicinity of school, if your child is confident walking this could save you driving into the school premises, or maybe you have a friend who lives nearby who would let you drop off or park at their house?

Maybe your child is old enough to cycle or scoot to school? - we have a bike rack on school premises where they can secure their bike – but please ensure they wear helmets.

Car share – fancy driving to school with a friend? Even if you only do this once a week, every little helps.

Walking to school where possible, however we do understand this isn’t possible for everyone, so if you do choose to drive onto our site please be patient and courteous to other drivers and remember to look out for children.                        

ECOF – Every Child Our Future

We are very fortunate to be receiving support from ECOF for this academic year. Miss Le Cras is a Reading Recovery Teacher who joins us at school every afternoon, we also have some employees from CITI bank who come to school in their lunch breaks and we are fortunate to also have community volunteers who assist us. They sit with the children from Keystage 1 and listen to them reading, they will also be writing in the reading diaries

Toys for Playtime

 If you have any

  • small dolls and small world items for creative play
  • blankets/duvet covers
  • lego/duplo
  • books

which you do not need anymore, we would love to utilise them! Any donations can be delivered to the school office during school hours. 

School Field

We are very fortunate to have an all-weather pitch on our premises, which we are pleased to see is utilised so frequently, by a wide range of children. We would just to remind you to use the bins provided within this area for all rubbish, and to leave it as you would like to find it.

Save the Dates!

26th September – Bentley Photographers

1st October – Jersey Marathon & 3K Fun Run Years 5 & 6

11th-13th October – Year 5 Scout Hut Visit

23rd – 29th October – Half Term