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House System - Which House are you in?

The House System is an integral part of life at d’Auvergne. The school motto ‘Fit for the Future’ embodies a whole host of values, including those central in our House System: belonging, loyalty and teamwork. Students at d’Auvergne remain in the same House throughout their time with us and are part of the same House as their siblings. Students participate in a wide range of activities and challenges throughout the year designed to encourage commitment, pride and team spirit.

At the end of each week, the House to earn the most House points are celebrated and the school’s overall winner for the week is announced in Friday assembly by Mr Cooper. At the end of each Half Term, the House to earn the most House points is awarded the House cup and has a House celebration to reward their successes.

House Captains are elected fairly through a voting system after candidates have had a chance to present to their views for the upcoming year to all members of their House.

Click on the documents below to find out more information about who is in which House, our chosen charities, how to win house points and much more....



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