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Please find additional resources for a range of different Maths topics. These are organised into year groups. However, if you wish to try something easier then choose something from the lower year group or if you fancy a challenge then opt for something in the higher year group. 

The 'Teacher' documents are essentially the answer sheets whilst the 'Student' documents are the activity.


Math Challenges for all abilities to try out.

There are also plenty of resources available online by clicking here  

Challenge 1

-    Triangles with one dot

Challenge 2

Strike it outthis maths challenge requires you to play with a friend. You will need to use both your subtraction and addition facts either to find the total value of two numbers or the difference. Good Luck!


Challenge 3

School Fair Necklaces 

This challenge is to think of jewellery, I would approach this task by either gathering some beads or finding some paper and coloured pencils. Remember you only have 8 beads, 4 of one colour and four of another! (once you have found all the possible combinations why not try 9 beads with 4 beads of one colour and 5 of another, or even 10 beads with two equal colours)

Challenge 4

Magic Vs

Can you find a way to share the numbers 1-5 within the V so that the two arms have the same total?

Is there only one way? Can you find others?

Challenge 5

Digit addition

A little bit of addition magic! Good luck!

Challenge 6

Reach 100

How close can you get? You will need your place value skills and addition methods to try to get as closest to 100 as you can! Good Luck

Challenge 7

Nine pin Triangles

This challenge has an interactive feature or can be carried out in hand (I would suggest using different colours) How many different triangles can you make?

Challenge 8

Sort the Street

Here we have a sorting activity which can be completed with others at home. The key is in the reasoning, how have you sorted these houses? Remember to contemplate size, colour, quantity of features etc. I look forward to seeing you streets!

Challenge 9


This week I would like you to watch the video of the children playing the game and create a list of instructions for others to play it too. Remember there is no sound to the video but you should be able to tell what is going on and create a ‘How to Guide’ for others.

Challenge 10

Magic Cross

Can you create a magic cross? Remember both the horizontal and vertical totals must be the same.

Challenge 11

Light the Lights

Using this exciting flash tool can you spot what makes the lights glow and create a rule for this? Don’t forget to record your findings when you are testing your theories

Remember your number types and times tables may help you!

Challenge 12

Square Surprise!

Look at the screenshot taken from a game half way through.

If you were the blue player where would you go next?

Remember to include why you would land on that spot! Play against the computer to create your own challenge 

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