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Special Education Needs and Disabilities

At d’Auvergne we are committed to providing an inclusive education for all children; removing barriers to learning to ensure all children can access our broad and balanced curriculum and make good progress from their starting points. We support all our children to be the best that they can be, to believe in themselves and to have high aspirations for their futures.

At d’Auvergne our staff have a depth of knowledge around a wide range of needs and we proudly follow the guidance provided in the Jersey 2019 SEN Code Of Practice. We provide a safe, stimulating learning environment with an enriched curriculum that includes exciting, engaging opportunities and develops an enthusiasm for lifelong learning. Throughout their time at d'Auvergne all pupils will develop confidence, resilience and respect for themselves and others. Our pupils will be ‘Fit for the Future’.



When a pupil has been identified with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities our first response is high quality teaching, targeted at a pupil’s area of need. Where progress continues to be slower, teachers work with the SENCO and occasionally, more expert support from outside school, such as Educational Psychology, to identify a child’s need and strategies to support.

Members of support staff may be allocated to work with the pupil in a 1:1 or small focus group to target more specific needs. Targets will be set according to a child’s area of need and monitored as part of an ongoing cycle known as Assess, Plan, Do & Review.

Our aim is that special educational needs are recognised at the earliest point, with the correct support implemented quickly.



At d’Auvergne we understand the success with which children and their parents manage transition depends on the kind of preparation and support they receive. For us transition is a process, and we recognise that getting this process right ensures that a pupil’s wellbeing and engagement in learning are managed to ensure there is no barrier to a pupil’s progress. As a school, we put several measures in place to ensure that transition for our children is as smooth as possible including:

  • Offering a coherent program of pastoral support for our Year 6 leavers
  • Identifying the needs of parents and their role in supporting their children through transition, offering opportunities for parents to discuss transition issues, particularly where pupils have been identified as vulnerable.
  • Maintaining strong partnerships with receiving Schools
  • Data and other pupil-level information is securely transferred in a timely fashion
  • Identifying opportunities for teachers to meet with and visit feeder or receiving schools
  • Visits for pupils (and parents, if appropriate) to schools
  • Provide pupils with age-appropriate welcome materials to our school, available in multiple languages.
  • Staggered starts or home visits, where appropriate.
  • We offer ‘Pop-in and Play’ sessions for our new nursery children
  • Additional transition opportunities for pupils with Special Educational Needs
  • Information provided by the pupil’s previous school is used to identify and meet pastoral and learning needs.

Support for Pupils and Families

At d’Auvergne we recognise the importance of parental engagement and tailor school communications to encourage dialogue about learning and to build the strongest home-school links for our pupils with special educational needs. The aspirations and achievement for all children will be raised through a shared focus on meeting needs. We offer support and differentiated resources to ensure home learning is of high quality.

If you require further information about SEND at d’Auvergne School, you can visit our school website:

Island wide support services can be found on the Jersey Online Directory:

For more information about assessing your child’s educational needs, school year delay or advancement, specialist schools and settings and support for children with special educational needs, please visit: Where you will find a host of information for parents. This information is also available in Polish, Portuguese, and Romanian.

Key Personnel


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator): Mrs Josie Fernandes



Headteacher: Mr Sam Cooper


Tel: 01534625858

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