Our Learning


At d’Auvergne, we use topics and quality texts as a hook and drive for our writing. We explore a range of writing genres, such as fiction, non-fiction and poetry and have high expectations of writing across the curriculum. Imaginative units of work are developed to create a whole-school plan that is refined each year and adapted to the teaching for children’s learning. For example, when Year 5’s topic is ‘Stargazers’, their class text is ‘Cosmic’, which they use to help them write their own science fiction narratives.

Our approach enables children to read and write independently for a variety of audiences and purposes within different subjects. We aim to develop a love for writing, through opportunities to write in different genres and styles, as well providing the building blocks for writing through speaking and listening, reading, spelling, punctuation, grammar and learning new vocabulary and phrases. We believe in children taking a risk in their writing and language development and see mistakes as a positive part of the learning journey to becoming more confident writers able to face new writing opportunities. The pathway we follow moves from dependence towards independence, with the teacher using shared and guided teaching to develop the ability in children to write creatively and powerfully. Children take responsibility for improving as a writer by editing their work, a skill which they can then confidently apply, combined with other writing skills, in other subjects across the curriculum.


Handwriting and spelling are key components which we also teach, monitor and celebrate. We use Penpals for Handwriting to ensure clear progression. This uses digital resources to enable modelling and interactive learning, along with Practice Books and Workbooks to support independent work

For spellings, in class, we cover the curriculum word list for each year group and combine spelling patterns with curriculum words for a weekly spelling test. In Key Stage 2, children will continue to use the skills learnt in Read Write Inc. in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, to support their learning in writing. Using the Read Write Inc. Spelling approach, children learn spelling patterns through fun and engaging ways. Each unit starts with a video hook to engage pupils, whilst exploring different spelling patterns.

Spelling Shed also helps make learning spellings fun and engaging for pupils. The games can be played in class or assigned for home learning!

Teachers at d’Auvergne have high expectations for spelling and we provide support by using word mats, word cards and word banks. We expect children to use their known phonics and spelling patterns/rules, as well as ask their peers if a word is unknown. We also encourage the use of dictionaries and have them available to all Key Stage 2 children, as well as beginning to familiarise themselves with them in Year 2.


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