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School Uniform

Please see attached images of all uniform items. Clothing can be purchased from JSSK in St. Brelade or Lyndale Sports in Trinity. Alternatively, we have second-hand clothing that can be purchased at £1 per item. Please feel free to share your requests with the school office and we shall see whether we have the size and item you require. and

Shoes: Must be a traditional black 'school' shoe. A trainer-style will not be acceptable. New shoes should be acquired at the start of the summer holidays, as shops often run out later in August.

Trousers / Skirts / Shorts / Skorts: Must be a 'school grey', not dark grey or black. New school grey skorts are available from Lyndale Sports and JSSK and are permitted.

Blue Polo Shirts with School Logo: Unchanged and will be worn by all children from Reception to Year 5.

White Shirts: To be worn by all Year 6 pupils, either long or short-sleeved from September. These rep[lace the red polo shirts.

School Ties: These are for Year 6 only. 

Summer Dresses: Striped blue and white dress 

Cardigans: Unchanged and may be worn by all children from Reception to Year 6.

Tights / Socks: 'School grey' tights or white socks for girls only. Grey / black socks for boys. White socks for PE for everybody.

Jumpers: These are changing from a round-neck to a V-neck. Year 6 are expected to wear the V-neck from September, to support their new shirt / tie. All children must be wearing a V-neck jumper (or continue with a cardigan) from January 2020.

PE Kit: The new design of PE shirt and shorts are now available from our suppliers and should be worn from September. This is the only kit that will be acceptable from September.

Tracksuit: These are available and should be worn for all PE days. 

Hair: Long hair must always be tied up for health reasons and bows etc. must be discrete and either red or navy blue. Haircuts must not attract unwarranted attention or be a distraction in school e.g. 'Tramlines', 'Mohawks' or similar are not acceptable.

Jewellery: Only earrings are permitted and must only be studs.


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