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Foundation Stage

The Foundation Stage at d'Auvergne consists of a 45-place Nursery and two Reception classes.

The Nursery is an integral part of d’Auvergne School and aims to offer a range of educational experiences that will enhance the children’s early learning. Within the Foundation Stage at d’Auvergne we aim to promote:

  • A caring environment.
  • A place to ‘have a go’ without fear of failure.
  • A place where we are all thought of as special.
  • A place where we know that what we say matters.
  • A place where self-esteem is given a high priority.
  • A strong relationship between parents, staff, and children.



Children learn and develop more from birth to five years old than any other time in their lives.  Here at d’Auvergne, every child will receive the best start to their early years education and will be given the opportunity to develop lifelong skills to succeed and become successful learners.

In Nursery and Reception, we follow the EYFS Statutory Framework 2021 and together with a rich and enhanced provision and quality teaching, your child will have the opportunity to reach the early learning goals by the time they are ready to move into Key Stage One.

The Seven Areas of Learning and Development

All areas of learning and development are important and interconnected. 

The prime areas are:

  • Communication and language
  • Physical development
  • Personal, social, and emotional development


These areas are particularly important for building a foundation for igniting children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, forming relationships, and thriving.  Here at d’Auvergne, these opportunities are embedded and enhanced throughout the provision; children are nurtured, and these skills are continually modelled by all the adults in the school.

The specific areas are:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design


Each of these areas are taught and achieved through a high-quality learning environment, inside and outside, an enhanced provision and directly through focused discussion and group activities, particularly for phonics, writing and maths.

Please spend time looking at our home learning pages on our website and our YouTube channel for videos and links to help you support your child at home in these areas.


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